Wednesday, May 6, 2015

MCC Member Faith Kinslow of True Identity Branding on The Voice of Manhattan Business

Recently MCC Member Faith Kinslow of True Identity Branding appeared on the MCC Podcast The Voice of Manhattan Business. Please see the outstanding feedback she received as a result of being on the show below. You can listen to her podcast here. You can learn more about Faith’s business at

“Great Podcast!! Brilliantly insightful! I never comment on these things but I am compelled to share with all that this is the BEST commentary that I have heard on the topic and I have been supporting the marketing field for well over 28 years! ”

"Great interview. I could not have answered those questions any more concisely and accurately. Most people don't understand the breadth of marketing - 1. Strategy, 2. Asset Development, 3. Promotion. As faith pointed out, the only thing the consumer sees is promotion - the tip of the marketer's iceberg."

"I just listened to your interview...wonderful!!! It was very insightful!"

“Thanks for sharing this great podcast interview! It helps to be reminded to continually ask those questions of your brand and business each day.”

“That was a great interview and very informative.”

“You really nailed those questions.”

“Just finished listening to your MCC PodCast. Great job! Articulate and very well thought-out answers.’'

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