Thursday, August 14, 2014

Scotwork Negotiation brings their Advancing Negotiation Skills Course to New York City

Date: 10/27/2014-10/30/2014
Location: TBD

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Learn the secrets to Win/Win deals!
With more than 35-plus years' experience, 35 offices worldwide and more than 120 seasoned negotiators, Scotwork will guide you through the complex, and at first sight, chaotic world of negotiation.

Actively participating in realistic negotiating exercises that are selected to replicate real life issues in commerce, industry and corporate business, participants will learn both theory and practice in team preparation and negotiation.

Training Points Covered?
Negotiate your way out of conflict
Consider 5 major issues in preparation
How to use constructive questioning
Create, pitch and respond to proposals
Handle deadlocks
Build or maintain relationships with clients or suppliers

Who should attend?
Our flagship course, Advancing Negotiation Skills, is guaranteed to take your skills to a new level whatever your starting point. Anyone who has the authority to negotiate or vary the terms of any arrangement should attend!

Why Scotwork?
The average ROI within the 1st three months is 1000% the course fee. Start saving money,
saving time, and improving your business outcomes NOW!

Consistent Feedback from Ongoing Surveys Reveal:
Worthwhile investment
Enhanced negotiation skills
More satisfying negotiations
Improved level of confidence

To register or for more information including price, schedule and what you can expect, please call or email us at: 973.428.1991 - -

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