Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Would you hire yourself?


Before you answer, let me answer because I asked myself that question just this morning as I found myself bouncing around from one task to the next.
My honest, honest answer: "No. Absolutely not." Knowing what I know about me, I'd never hire me.

The reason is that while I'm keenly aware of what I do well... of what I like to do... and what I want to do, I'm also keenly aware of what I don't do well. That's all the other stuff I need to do but hate to do -- you know, that side of the business that includes all the little unending but absolutely necessary chores that accompany the title of entrepreneur.
I find it interesting that business owners I know will sometimes complain to me about their employees. "This employee doesn't do this or that. Another won't whatever. I'm having the same old problem with so-and-so." They tell me they'd never hire that person again.
Sometimes their complaints are warranted. Realistically, I don't think the problem is always the employee. Continue Reading...

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