Tuesday, August 6, 2013

MCC Guest Blogger Gil Effron: Start with the End in Mind


There's nothing that I enjoy more than a road trip... grabbing a stack of maps and heading out to visit friends and family in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Asheville, St. Louis, Boston, and throughout Florida.

Well, that's the way it used to be... because that stack of maps is gone. In fact, I rarely remember to put them in the car (and often regret that I don't).

So now, instead of the maps, I have my trusty GPS that allows me to calculate and count down miles, minutes, and seconds remaining in any given trip.

Regardless of where we're going (unless it's for a ride for the sake of simply taking a ride and burning some fuel) in order to get somewhere, it's important for us to know where we're going. In other words, we need a destination. And the more specific that destination is, the better. (I don't know about your GPS, but ours doesn't like vague destination points like "Charlotte." It needs a specific address.)

Whether we're conscious of it or not, pretty much everything we do somehow starts with the end in mind. If we want to learn how to play golf, bake a cake, go to a movie, finish that book we started three vacations ago... they all start with the end in mind. Continue reading...

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