Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MCC Guest Blogger Gil Effron: No more “Mr. Negative”

By: Gil Effron

Looking back at my recent blog posts, I've recognized a pattern that I just don't like. Basically, I'm negative!

I always seem to be finding fault... always pointing out what's not working and how poorly businesses do what they do -- or don't do what they should do when coming in contact with prospects, customers, former clients, and so on.

So I'm turning over a new leaf and I'm on a quest. I've decided to go looking for GOOD... for the positive. No more Mr. Negative for me.

From now on, I'll be out there... proactively looking for best practices and for great or "surprising service" (to use Ron Kaufman's vernacular) that go above and beyond what's expected. I'll be looking for people within businesses are nice, happy, friendly, helpful, attentive, sincere, and pleasant and that, by virtue of their exceptional service or demeanor or ability to listen or smile, deserve a gold star!
And when I find one of these outstanding employees, staff members, or team members that really gets it... that has a way of putting the customer first or following that simple Golden Rule... I'll give them a gold star. Continue reading...

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