Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MCC Guest Blog: Sweatshop or Sweetshop?

This article was submitted by MCC Guest Blogger Gil Effron

Sweatshop or Sweetshop? 


This article was submitted by MCC Guest Blogger Gil Effron
After hauling away several loads in the family automobile (ideally sized for New York driving), I concluded that downsizing could be a whole lot easier if we "up-sized" the family vehicle to one capable of transporting more and thereby reducing the number of trips. So off we went in search of the perfect SUV.

Now, there's nothing I enjoy more than spending time wandering through new car showrooms. And one Saturdayafternoon my wife and I found ourselves in a new car dealership -- a brand we've owned before and one we've always been satisfied with, but a different dealership. 

It was a busy Saturday afternoon at the dealership. But in a matter of minutes we were approached by a young man who was obviously at the beginning of his career in new car sales.  

We talked and he showed us an SUV in the showroom. We asked to take a test drive and he stepped away to grab a key that we could take on our test drive. (Of course, a better test drive for me would have been to see how much extra "downsizing" I could fit in the back!) 

While we were waiting for the salesman to return, we couldn't help but observe an angry looking manager stomping his way over to one of the other salespeople who was in the midst of talking with a customer. The irate and insensitive manager impatiently interrupted. Read more...

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