Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Empire State Building: A Tribute

MCC’s Green Design and Construction sub-committee recently toured the Empire State Building to learn about their sustainability initiatives. One of our attendees, Victoria Drozdov of Creative Environment Solutions (CES) Corp., wrote a poetic response which depicts the work done by artisans and engineers to restore this iconic NYC building. We hope you enjoy!


Rebuilt for all to see.
Majestic, significant, a spectacle.

We listen and gather bits and pieces of history.
The ceiling set just under the prior ruined one with
thin layers of silver plate and even thinner gold plate
dissolving into the air if not properly applied by the artisans.

Gears, stars, referencing the industrial age and
echoing heavens above, at forty feet over our heads.
Lights dimmed at daybreak allowing

passersby, if they look up, and it is hard to resist, to
absorb the full brilliance of the marble,
cut just so that no seam is seen, only the continuous wave of its veins.

The guide’s mesmerizing words bring to life the transformation.
He leads us on through the exhibit as we marvel at each step taken to
rebuild the old monument to its current modern state.

We travel through corridor and elevator arteries,
Admiring its glory, inside and out,
From high corner suites to the underground belly of the structure.

Before leaving, I look around one last time.
With intricate details planned in ambitious goals
through shared dreams and common needs
something deteriorating became once again alive.

by Victoria S. Drozdov

Credit: Published by permission of the author. All rights are retained by the author.

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