Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Poll on Banning Horse Drawn Carriages

Contact: Nancy Ploeger, President, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, 212-473-7875 ornp@manhattancc.org

MCC polled its members on the Mayor’s plan to ban horse drawn carriages in NYC. Over 250 member business owners and executives answered the quick one question poll, “Do you think horse drawn carriages should be banned in NYC?”
24% voted in favor of the ban and 76% are against the ban

Comments ranged from:
  • “Cruel”
  • “Bad for the horses and the traffic
  • “They should be eliminated by attrition”

  • “As an animal lover I feel as long as the horses are treated humanely it would be a shame to ban the horse drawn carriages. It's been a NYC tradition for a very long time and it's a lovely memorable way to tour the city. Let's not forget the people it employs. Back off Mayor Deblasio”
  • “As long as the horses are humanely treated they should be allowed to work”
  • “We're supposed to be supporting "sustainable" transport options, not banning them. Horse transport will outlast motor vehicles in NYC - if we allow it. Anyhow, it's the height of hypocrisy to ban carriages and continue to celebrate NYPD horses in our streets. Honestly!”

And there were many suggestions to:

“Reallocate the horse drawn carriages to drive on the BRIDAL PATHS already in Central Park - and move the stables into the park at 81st police station... SO THE HORSES LIVE IN THE PARK AND NEVER HAVE TO BE ON THE STREETS -- KEEP THE HORSE DRAWN CARRIAGES IN NYC.”

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