Tuesday, March 18, 2014

MCC Guest Blogger Justin Croxton: Content Marketing & Local Search

By Justin Croxton to Marketing

Content marketing remains the buzz for most organizations and it continues to grow. Simply view the Google Trends report to the right. How do we create content that connects with our audiences? Many of the larger organizations are rapidly producing content because they possess larger budgets and know this is what’s needed to attract more quality brand mentions and links to their websites.

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But content marketing for smaller local businesses is often overlooked yet a powerful mechanism they can deploy. Just because you’re a small to midsize company does not mean you don’t have content opportunities to take advantage of (Tweet This!). Small business should begin by identifying local content opportunities and tying them in with local SEO efforts to improve linking and brand mentions.
Types Of Content For Local Businesses

Local businesses have plenty of content opportunities to gain more exposure and elicit brand mentions. Our objective is to leverage these content assets and promote them accordingly. The key is in both the content creation and outreach to the appropriate organizations and businesses. One cannot be successful without the other. The content must be of value to the people we share it with.

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