Monday, September 17, 2012

Action Environmental Group, Winner of the MCC 2012 Green Business Award, Empowers Lou Gehrig Middle School to Transform into a Greener Place

New York, NY.

Read how MCC 2012 Green Business of the Year, Action Environmental Group, encourages communities to become greener. Visit to learn more about the Chamber's annual Awards Breakfast and to read the bio of Action Environmental Group's CEO Ron Bergamini. And join the conversation on Twitter using #mccawards.

Action Environmental Group challenged four classes at the Lou Gehrig Middle School, IS 151 to develop innovative ways to teach other students and their community the value of recycling. The students created their own recycling “green machine,” a presentation to educate parents at parent teacher night, composed a song about recycling and even designated themselves to handle all recycling issues at the school.

CEO Ron Bergamini and students from the  Lou Gehrig Middle School
Nicole Simon, ranked No.1 in her eighth grade class, was part of the class who created a bake sale where recyclables were used as currency to purchase baked goods.

On September 18th, Action Environmental Group will be taking eighty middle school students from the Lou Gehrig Middle School to Yankee Stadium. Nicole, Principal Socorro Rivera of IS 151 and CEO of Action Environmental Group Ron Bergamini will be a part of the game opening ceremony. Action originally got involved with the Lou Gehrig Middle School through the Pencil Organization. The PENCIL Partnership Program matches business volunteers with public school principals based on backgrounds, interests, and goals. Partners are then empowered and supported to develop solutions that transform their schools.

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