Friday, September 7, 2012

NYC Launches Business Customer Service Bill of Rights

This fall, there will be an enhanced effort by the City to make the business community aware of the “Business Owner’s Bill of Rights”. Established in 2010 by City Council and the Bloomberg Administration, the Bill of Rights outlines the prompt, efficient and easily accessible services that business owners should be provided with from the City. The rights include consistent enforcement of agency rules, fair inspections and great customer service.

In June, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the launch of the City’s Business Customer Service initiative. The initiative is part of the administration’s goal to make it easier for businesses to interact with City government by creating and institutionalizing business-friendly practices. In addition to expanding distribution of the Business Owner’s Bill of Rights the Mayor’s Office is also seeking input from business owners on their experiences through a customer survey. The online survey asks for feedback about professionalism of agencies, how clearly rules and information were communicated, and about the overall customer service experience. All comments and information submitted through the survey are confidential, unless the respondents would like to hear back from the city. Any details on the location of the business or the interaction are meant to pinpoint where the City can continue to improve service delivery. 

The Business Owner’s Bill of Rights can be found by visiting

The Customer Feedback form can be found by visiting (Also available in Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Korean)

Learn more about the Business Customer Service Initiative on

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