Friday, April 24, 2015

NYC Seniors: Culture at a Discount

Growing older in New York does bring some benefits—notably discounts and special offers that make it easier to enjoy the city we love. Whether you like the phrase “senior discounts” or not, you can get them practically everywhere you open your wallet. 

A few perks start when you turn 50 thanks to AARP, but lots more roll in the older you get. Many drugstores and grocery stores have weekly or monthly “senior discount days” with 10 to 25 percent off—so check out your neighborhood stores. And there are plenty of other discounts available on a variety of products and services—discounts at movie theaters if you’re 60 or 62, travel on NYC buses and subways if you’re 65+, and even sports (year-long NYC Parks tennis permits are $20 if you’re 62+, a huge reduction from the usual $200 fee). 

But what really draws many of us to the city and why we especially love living here are the city’s rich cultural institutions. So keeping that in mind, here are many of the cultural institutions where “seniors” (65 and older unless otherwise indicated) will happily say “senior discount, please.” Be sure to have your ID handy. And note: Almost all museums sell tickets online to adults and seniors for $2 less.

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