Friday, November 14, 2014

MCC Member News: The Partnership for Student Advancement (PSA) Wins Competition

On October 14th, 2014, the Partnership for Student Advancement (PSA) participated in a crowdfunding type event sponsored by The Funding Network and participants donated $15,000 to the charity. PSA won a competition and had been chosen as one of three charities that presented to the large group of attendees. Anne Bonfiglio, Executive Director, gave the presentation followed by a 6 minute Q&A. The web site is

The Partnership for Student Advancement (PSA) was founded in 2004 and it helps financially underprivileged high school students, particularly minorities, identify and pursue a career path. PSA’s life skills training and career development programs include skill and aptitude matching and business readiness training.

PSA provides a support system and builds self-esteem through the various one-on-one coaching sessions which help students learn about themselves, and set goals. Armed with the results of the eight hour skill and aptitude testing, students develop both knowledge and belief in self which prepares them to choose a major course of study, move forward and make a life for themselves

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