Monday, July 28, 2014

MCC StartUp Profile: Liquid Talent

Friends of LiquidTalent,
LiquidTalent is becoming the go-to-place for exceptional professionals to discover one another and work together through short-mode projects. We believe that work should be more autonomous, mobile and lifestyle driven. Defined projects, with clear timelines, deliverables and budget, are great building blocks to make this vision a reality.

"Look around you. The way work gets done is changing. Work is being reduced into smaller pieces, changing the process both for companies that buy work and for professionals delivering work for pay. Whether you are a full-time employee, a professional considering independence, a career independent consultant, or an organizational leader tasked with evolving your company’s workforce equation, one thing is clear: the new Project Economy has arrived and is here to stay." - mbo partners

We have been listening and learning from the very beginning. We have listened to our early users, to our advisors and to our contemporaries and have kept our finger on the pulse of the overall independent market. We have maintained flexibility and are now taking a more focused approach. As we enter into our 10th month of operation, we have digested and applied what we've heard from the marketplace and have narrowed our focus to two core areas - the Technology and Creative industries. 
New description:
LiquidTalent is an on-demand developer marketplace for your project-based technology needs. Our mobile app and website allow you to post projects and review exceptional candidates within hours.

Our specialization: 
Mobile apps (iPhone and Android), Web-based mobile apps, Websites, Mobile-responsive websites, Software, Wireframes and Design

Notable partnerships: 
General Assembly, DevBootCamp, Google and other leading technical organizations, colleges and universities.

We are currently sourcing paying projects for your company's technology + creative needs; specifically mobile app and website builds. We are also on-boarding talented technologists and creatives so please reach out if you, or your colleagues, want to join our community and start generating more income. To ensure the most effective experience, we recently hired a Concierge to facilitate the entire process of pairing projects with professionals. 

Two articles for fun:
The Future of the Workforce May Be Part-Time (Larry Page)
The Way Your Work is Going to Change (Richard Branson)

w: {for invite code:, please email
m: {iPhone app only}
Thank you all for your continued support of LiquidTalent. We're excited to keep listening, and building meaningful tools that enhance your life.  

Alex, Scott and the LiquidTalent team

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