Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New Selected Benefit Provider for MCC Members: Powerlinx

Powerlinx is excited to offer a 3 month free trial to all member and subscribed companies of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. Powerlinx is an online B2B platform that connects businesses to other businesses based on strategic objectives. The mission of Powerlinx is to grow small and medium sized businesses by helping them find, connect and act upon business opportunities they may not have known about, and strengthen and accelerate business growth. We do this by finding you relevant business matches and facilitating introductions to them, after zeroing on your business desires. We have partnered with the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce to give you and your business the ability to explore Powerlinx for free for 3 months, and the for an additional 9 months for only $1.00 - more than a $300 value. Sign up at www.powerlinx.com/?MCoC and don't miss out on opportunities that could help your business grow today.

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