Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The world is going survey happy


Practically everywhere I turn these days someone is handing me a survey.
Last week alone I must have received three surveys from servers in restaurants. These are the kinds that ask us to go online, enter a number, receive a discount coupon for a next visit, and even win a prize. Another similar survey from an office products store also asked me to go online.

That doesn't include the several that popped up after I made online purchases. One popup survey asked about my "experience" visiting their website. Well, not only didn't I buy anything but I couldn't find what I was looking for. So I didn't answer.

Some of the surveys that arrive as emails are quite long. I think the one that lands in my inbox following any service on my car must be the longest. My guess is that it contains about 40 questions -- many of which are extremely repetitive. (A high-powered marketing/testing firm obviously designed the survey because it asks the same question several times but in different ways. An old trick to get to try to get to the truth.) Continue Reading...

Please take my Survey on Surveys.

Sorry. But you know I couldn't resist. CLICK HERE.

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