Tuesday, June 5, 2012

MCC Offering Business Database Training to Grow Your Business

Manhattan Chamber of Commerce
Business Database Training
MCC offers Business Database Training to educate entrepreneurs, executives, trade officers, sales associates and business counselors to gather and interpret pertinent business information through market research, utilizing publically available business databases; turning the data into valuable information. From framing the research objectives, building the research approach, and analyzing the data and preparing listings to reports that focuses on clients’ objectives.
The training will utilize publicly available databases to collect data to:
· Identify Competitors
· Identify Investors/Venture Capital/Private Equity firms
· Identify Importer/Exporter/Distributor
· Study target customers – Demographics
· Access available SWOT Analysis
· Access valuable industry/market reports
MCC also conducts extensive business research, consulting and related services to a broad spectrum of businesses across many industries including, health care, retail, marketing, financial services, public relations and non-profit organizations. The goal is to provide reliable and focus information to help clients make important decisions.
Training Fees

2 Hour Private Training
(1-2 individuals)
2 Hour Group Training
(3-15 individuals)
Training series

For more information, contact sleung@manhattancc.org


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