Thursday, May 31, 2012

Training Your Staff and Building Your Business Doesn’t Have To Be Costly

Investing in your business is a necessary part of growth, but finding the capital to take that step is not easy. That is why entrepreneurs must not overlook the free resources available to them, many of which can be found at NYC Business Solutions, a set of free services offered by the NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS) to help businesses start, operate, and expand in New York City.

Receive Grants to Train Your Staff

Since 2007, SBS has helped more than 100 companies train nearly 3,500 workers by providing them with more than $6 million in grants. Business owners can access funding through Customized Training grants, provided by NYC Business Solutions, which enable businesses to invest in the professional training services they need to develop staff skills specific to their industry. Customized Training provides awards of up to $400,000 that can cover 60-70% of eligible training costs, which eliminates the financial constraints that keeps businesses from investing in a more efficient staff.
And more businesses are taking advantage.
On May 2, 2012, SBS awarded over $200,000 in Customized Training grants to seven New York businesses to train 93 employees matched by over $130,000 in funds from the employers. These Customized Training awards are projected to increase revenues for the awarded businesses by more than $400,000 and increase the wages of its trainees by 20 percent. To learn more about Customized Training, visit

What Free Staff Training Can Do:

SSTL dba Bedroom Furniture Discounts is an online furniture retailer and wholesaler. The business will use a $25,085 Customized Training award to train 14 employees, including 2 new hires, on new order management software. The software will increase efficiency by allowing the company to achieve seamless coordination with its vendors. The program is projected to result in wage increases of 10 percent.”

Restaurant owners can also capitalize on training

If you own a restaurant, there is even a program that has already been designed for your staff. In partnership with the New York State Restaurant Association, NYC Business Solutions offers local restaurant and foodservice establishments free restaurant management training to develop the skills of their entry-level staff. Developed with input from restaurateurs across the country, this Restaurant Management Training focuses on four key areas that allow staff to take on new responsibilities, and help restaurant owners see greater revenue, and reduce costs.
You can choose to send your staff to one or any combination of course offerings, which include: Hospitality and Restaurant Management, Controlling Foodservice Costs, Restaurant Marketing, and Human Resources Management and Supervision.
Featured in the April issue of Total Food Service, the next session of this highly-touted training begins June 13. Enrollment applications will be accepted through June 6. For more information or to enroll your staff visit

Lead Your Business Into The Next Phase

Cultivating a better staff will help your business take off from the ground-up, but a business owner’s responsibility is to keep a clear head from up above. Having a strategic vision is what distinguishes an ordinary business owner from an effective business leader. FastTrac GrowthVenture can help you be that business leader.
FastTrac GrowthVenture is a business course designed to help you grow your business by creating an actionable growth plan in a safe, workshop environment. With the help of fellow business owners and experienced facilitators, you can draw upon the experience of others and receive feedback to plan out the next phase of your business.
FastTrac GrowthVenture is valued at $1,000, but offered to businesses, at no cost. Courses comprise of eight (8) four-hour sessions held twice a week—the course runs for four consecutive weeks. The next FastTrac GrowthVenture course begins August 6, 2012. Applications are now being accepted. For more information and to apply visit

With a good staff and an even better leader, your business can grow for a fraction of the price you thought you had to pay. You have already paid your taxes this year. Why not take advantage of the services that you’ve already paid for?


  1. I am completely agree with this give a training is not a cost but it is investment. If you gave them training on job, they do work far more better than before. It is beneficial for firm.


  2. This is a very common issue. What mostly hinders a business to do corporate trainings for their employees is money, thinking that they could use it up for more important purposes. I think those business owners who’ve realized these free resources you’ve mentioned have a greater possibility for success. It is because only they have explored enough length in the hopes of a business development.

    Rigoberto Stokes