Thursday, May 31, 2012

NYSERDA Sponsors Benchmarking Initiative to Help Commercial Building Owners Reduce Energy Use, Control Costs

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) launched a pilot program to help the commercial buildings sector reduce energy use, save on operating costs, and cut greenhouse gas emissions. Under the FlexTech Benchmarking Pilot, eligible customers will receive energy benchmarking and onsite energy assessments that will provide recommendations on low-cost building system upgrades.

Benchmarking can be a gateway to engaging in energy efficiency and can enable building owners, property managers, and facility operators to better understand and manage energy consumption. The pilot will also help applicable New York City facilities comply with Local Law 84, a component of the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan that requires building owners to benchmark energy consumption.

The pilot augments traditional NYSERDA FlexTech incentives by providing commercial, industrial, and institutional applicants up to $7,000 in benchmarking services per site with no cost-share. For more information, please contact Lauren Brust at (212) 564-5800 x101 or

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  1. This blog should make sense to everyone who reads it as Energy benchmarking is really important for buildings because they can save on cost along with doing their part towards Environment too. Thank you for the blog.
    They are risking people's life. It is very important that the company hires experienced companies for regular Elevator inspections.