Wednesday, October 21, 2015

MCC Testimonial: “Ask the Experts” got me an invitation to present at the NY Public Library

Here’s what happened when MCC Ambassador spoke at a recent MCC Event:

I want to thank all of you for making MCC such a fantastic organization. And for the many opportunities I’ve been given.

“Ask the Experts” was a much appreciated event as evidenced by the accolades from the audience. Aside from the attendees who came over to me at the end of the presentation to thank me, I just opened the email below asking me to give a 60 minute presentation at the NY Public Library on Branding and/or Creating a USP. 

Guess what? I just happen to have one up my sleeve as a result of giving the presentation, “Brand your Business Like a Pro” at MCC's MarketingWeek in June! It’s exactly the content that the Business Outreach Specialist wants!

Good things happen to those who MCC! Or perhaps the slogan should be “Business happens to those who MCC!"

Best regards,

Faith Kinslow

Copywriter/Brand Strategist
Mobile: 917.607.3267

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