Monday, August 17, 2015

New MCC Bronze Partner: Novo Consulting, LLC an Executive Stress Management™

Novo Consulting, LLC is an Executive Stress Management™ coaching firm, specializing in helping executives better manage their stress in order to become more productive and effective in their professional and personal lives.  The human stress-response asserts that stress be adhered to first.  Therefore, when you or members of your management team are stressed your/their minds are with the stress and less present at work.  The message our firm wants to convey is four-fold:  Everyone experiences stress, stress will affect your performance, you can learn to better manage your stress in order to reduce its effects on your performance, and the newly learned and valuable skills can also be applied to future stressors.

As CEO of Novo Consulting, I chose to maintain a company focus on executives, because of my related doctoral training experiences at Yale School of Medicine in the Department of Psychiatry.  During my two years of training at Yale, I worked with individuals from diverse backgrounds (e.g., in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, nationality, religion, educational background, disability/ability), and much of my time was spent focusing on the ways stress interacts with the onset and maintenance of health and mental health concerns.  I learned how to and applied relevant skills in helping clients reduce and better manage stress so that they could live happier and healthier lives.  I absolutely loved helping our clients in this way.  Though, it was the positive outcomes of working on stress that I saw in my clients, regardless of their presenting concerns or demographics, that sparked my ongoing and future career interests in stress management.  Dealing more positively with stress works, and it works with executives and well-educated individuals.

Our firm’s Founder and President recently opened our doors with a general executive stress management idea in mind.  He himself had viewed the positive effects of stress management on high functioning individuals and was excited about offering this to others.  When I came on-board, almost immediately after company opening and graduation from my Ph.D. program in Counseling Psychology at Lehigh University and doctoral fellowship training at Yale University, I restructured the company to include specific Executive Stress Management™ coaching sub-specialties.  I wanted people to know that everyone experiences stress for a multitude of reasons, and we offer stress management skills for many of the common ones.  Further, the skills can be applied to various other common stressful situations.  

We then discussed our brand goals further.  At first, we had an idea in mind of only offering our services to female executives.  We thought that this would afford us opportunities to build even more professional competence, because we would be focusing all of our learning as the coaches on the best stress management skills available for a particular population.  We then quickly noticed the attention our firm was getting from male executives, so we decided to thoughtfully, purposefully and thoroughly lay out a plan to maintain the current quality of our female brand while adding an adjacent and very separate division of our company focusing on stress management for the Male executive.  The unique divisions would then ensure Executive Stress Management™ sub-specialties and stress management plans that would best fit the needs and desires of Female and Male executives.  Blending the divisions did not seem beneficial to the Female executive or the Male executive.  The Female division, Executive Stress Management™ for the Female Executive, has been up and running since this July, and the Male division, ESM, will debut on August 24th of this year.

Finding the right balance of services has also been a work in progress for our company.  We considered waiting to open our doors until we had our Service Menu fine tuned, but we realized that it would be the response from clients about our current services that would help us recognize our strengths and loopholes.  So, we have allowed our services options to unfold as we receive feedback and discuss the best possible company solutions based on this information provided.  For now, we offer one-on-one, small group, phone and Skype coaching, pre-and custom-designed seminars and workshops and pre-and custom-designed company and small group (meaning, put together by a group of interested executives) retreats.  We will also be offering seminars, workshops and retreats initiated by our company and offered to all executives, and advertisements for these will be found on our social media and web (including our soon to be launched App -- stay tuned more for info coming soon) sites.

Until our ESM debut on August 24th and our upcoming App launch, feel free to visit our website and company Facebook page for information on our current offerings.
Please do not hesitate to contact me, Karyn Gunnet-Shoval, Ph.D., with any questions, inquires, etc. at or 646-543-0320.

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