Wednesday, January 14, 2015

MCC Partner News:Progressive Computing Inc CEO Weighs in on Crisis Management in Westchester Panel.

Robert Cioffi Discussed Best Strategies for Data Recovery in Times of Crisis

Yonkers, NY, (January 8, 2014) – Progressive Computing Inc. CEO, Robert Cioffi, was a panelist at the “When Disaster Strikes is Your Business Ready?” Power Breakfast hosted by The Business Council of Westchester recently, which focused on crisis management in a digital age. The seminar was a part of the Business Council's ongoing series to educate their members and the business community of Westchester and was sponsored by Tompkins Mahopac Bank.

The event, which was held at the Crown Plaza in White Plains, NY, invited guests to be a part of a discussion on how to anticipate potential crises and what business owners should be prepared to do if an unexpected crisis should occur. Some discussion topics included budgeting for the unexpected, managing recovery plans, and the importance of data security. The expert panel was moderated by John Ravitz of The Business Council of Westchester and consisted of Robert Cioffi of Progressive Computing, Spencer Barback of Citrin Cooperman, Stephen Bedosky of York International Agency LLC, Jerry McKinstry of Thompson & Bender and John Vernazza of Cervalis.

During the panel discussion, Cioffi stated, "While there are many factors involved in creating a Disaster Recovery Plan, the two most critical components are Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO)." According to Cioffi, RPO defines the frequency of data backups along with the length of time each backup is retained, and this needs to be high if the intention is to recover data minutes after disaster strikes. RTO is representative of how quickly systems can be up and running after a crisis arises.

"RPO and RTO are the main two cost drivers when selecting a disaster recovery solution," Cioffi said. "Think of them as the coverage options in an insurance policy. But keep in mind, your budget should be a function of your risk tolerance."

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