Thursday, October 2, 2014

MCC Member Success Stories: How an MCC Business Referral Group Can Help your Business

By Faith Kinslow, True Identity Branding

Just wanted to tell you that I think so highly of my MCC referral group that I just got my husband to join yesterday. I got my son to join our group a few months ago. My husband, Ed, now occupies the Financial Advisor seat; my son, the Real Estate seat.

It's funny. I joined the group because Ken Sassano invited me, and I think very highly of his professionalism. He talks about the large number of Kinslows in the group — now using his new phrase: the "Kinsli". My husband just coined another term yesterday: "Kinsloi".

Last month I invited an art director whom I met at the Noir & Blanc event this summer to join, and she joined our networking group a few weeks ago. So, BRG 3 is strong and growing.

Each member of our group is invited to give a 10 minute presentation about our business to educate the others. I gave mine yesterday on developing a compelling, strategic message and the importance of articulating a unique selling proposition, and what it is. One of our members emailed me to say she was so impressed with it and my knowledge that she is going to hire me to write her marketing materials! The others in the group told me that the presentation was very helpful.

It's interesting that I joined the group hoping that the members would recommend me to those they know. But, it turned out to be even better. So far, I've done work for 4 members of the group, and they have given excellent reviews of my work to the others in the group. If I am hired by the member who just requested to work with me, that will be 5 from my group who have personally hired me. I don't think you could ask for more from a referral group.

Best regards,

Faith Kinslow, Copywriter/Brand Strategist

True Identity Branding

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