Monday, April 28, 2014

News from MCC Partner New York Grant Company

Spring into Action!   

Starting next month, New York businesses will be able to take advantage of Governor Cuomo's next round of economic incentives.
Over $700 million will be available through a competitive application process.   Awards will include:
  • yellow-tulip-field.jpgcapital grants for major projects meeting a region's economic goals
  • tax credits for up to 10 years for qualified businesses creating jobs or making significant investments in their space or machinery
  • energy benefits
  • grants to alleviate stormwater runoff (eg, for green roofs, bioswales)
  • grants for businesses to train employees.

If you or anybody you know might be considering making improvements to a business in New York State by hiring, investing, expanding, or training, please give us a call at 212-227-8283.

We have the best track record of anyone in the State for obtaining these benefits.  
We understand the funding pools, the process, and the compliance steps necessary to get every dollar on the table. 

The initial consultation to determine if you qualify is always free of charge.

GO NEW YORK!  GROW New York business!

Ann Kayman and the New York Grant Company Team


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