Friday, April 4, 2014

Agree or disagree: Is NYC a tech hub?

NYC has certainly seen growth in the tech sector but there are varying opinions about how big a tech center we are. Take a look and let us know your thoughts!

New York Is Really Desperate to Pretend It’s a Huge Tech Hub

By Kevin Roose @ New York Magazine

Counting tech workers in New York City must be a fascinating activity, because boy, do people keep doing it. In the last few years alone, at least a half-dozen groups have tried to categorize and count the various app-builders and screen-starers in the city's tech industry, and they've come up with numbers all over the map. The Center for an Urban Future pegged the number at 52,900, or roughly a Yankee Stadium full of tech geeks. The Bloomberg Tech Summit put it at about five Yankee Stadiums – 262,000 jobs.

But a new report released yesterday tops them all in terms of boosterish enthusiasm. Like many of the reports that came before it, this one is filled with exaggerations, mathematical sleights of hand, and charts that make me think that while New York's tech industry might be doing pretty well, its statistics industry has some catching up to do.

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