Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Con Edison December Updates


Friendly reminder to offer your customers energy efficient options so they can benefit from Con Edison's gas rebates. Also, please remind your installers to affix serial number stickers of certain manufacturers on all equipment where applicable. Customers selected for a quality assurance inspection will have a more difficult path to receiving a rebate without the CP sticker on the equipment due to the missing information.

Are you listed under our "Find a Contractor" link? Being listed provides added visibility to a wider base of customers looking for ways to improve their homes and make them more energy efficient. There's only a few requirements to take advantage of this free outreach:

- You must have successfully installed Prescriptive Measures in the past;

- Have submitted applications for incentives on at least four (4) occassions within a twelve (12) month period; and

- Your installation work must have been inspected by the IC on at least four (4) occasions.

Please contact the Green Team at 800-430-9505 should you have any questions about being listed on the site.

When submitting the rebate be sure to include an invoice that lists the following:
- Install date

- Contractor name and address

- Customer name and address

- Model and serial number of all equipment installed*

- Notation that equipment is paid in full
Also provide your customers with the AHRI certification number or a copy of the manufacturer's specification sheet.

*Programmable thermostat serial numbers not required.

- Please note: Electric Air Sealing and Indirect Hot Water Heater rebates have been discontinued since September 1, 2013;

- The Home Energy Survey Program has been discontinued, effective June 27, 2013. Please contact the Green Team at 800-430-9505 should you have any questions or concerns;

- New customer kits will be provided to all customers who complete an HVAC Electric or Gas rebate program. The free electric kits include 3 CFL light bulbs, and the free gas kits include a low-flow shower head and a faucet aerator as a thank you for participating;

- The Appliance Recycling program will be undergoing a few changes shortly, including the addition of primary refrigerators to the program;

- Starting this fall: Con Edison will offer rebates for the purchase of qualifying CEE refrigerators and Energy Star dehumidifiers that can save your customers energy and money;

For more information on program details, visit

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