Friday, October 18, 2013

How Can MCC Benefit NYC Young Professionals?

MCC seeks to develop the next generation of business owners and professionals in NYC by providing educational and networking opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere. On October 15th, MCC hosted its Young Professionals Launch Event at Pioneers Bar in Chelsea. Here’s how one MCC member attended a MCC Young Professionals event and made great contacts (as told to MCC Program Director Anna Strindberg):


Thank you for hosting last night’s event. It was the first time I’d ever been to a networking event, and I really enjoyed it! My expectations were quite a bit different from the reality, which was good. I thought it might be a little more anxiety-producing than it was, but in actuality, it was very relaxed, and I met a great deal of interesting and beneficial people.

I manage the Professional English Programs at a private school in midtown (Rennert NYC), so meeting some professionals from other countries (e.g., Germany, Japan, etc.) and discussing our business helped me to find potential clients (i.e., students), who can come learn professional, business English with us.

In addition, I found some potential placements for our volunteer students, who want to get immersed in American business culture and use their English skills.

The event was beneficial and relaxed, and I appreciate your hard work and effort. I’m looking forward to joining future events!

Phillip Thompson
Professional English Programs
Rennert New York
[P] 212-867-8700 ext. 85

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