Tuesday, May 21, 2013

MCC Member Press Release: DAG Tech announces Digital Currency Initiatives

May 20, 2013

DAG Tech announces Digital Currency Initiatives

DAG Tech intends to be the first Manhattan IT services firm to accept Bitcoins

New York, NY -- 05/09/13 -- DAG Tech LLC announces digital currency initiatives to accept Bitcoin online payments via CoinBase Bitcoin wallets. These payment options will be integrated into DAG Tech's industry leading electronic store on estore.dagtech.com for payment on IT services, cloud services, applications, and products. Bitcoin is an encrypted peer-to-peer digital currency with a conversion rate of $122.65 USD to 1 BTC (via www.bitcoinstore.com at 14:32 EST 05/20/2013).
Coinbase is a Bitcoin wallet and platform where merchants and consumers can transact with the new digital currency Bitcoin. Coinbase has 137,000 users and conducts 98,000 transactions per month
(via coinbase.com 14:40 EST 05/20/2013). Manhattan based Union Square Ventures has recently announced a $5M investment in CoinBase.

About DAG Tech

DAG Tech is an innovative and reliable IT solutions firm, based in New York City and Washington DC. Since 1999, DAG Tech has consistently delivered quality results and grown its clientele and technical expertise. In addition, DAG Tech has become a tech industry leader. DAG Tech has launched a revolutionary EStore estore.dagtech.com, where customers can buy IT services, cloud services, applications, and products online. The services firm has designed and launched Seven Gems, a modular build-it-yourself cloud-based Voice-over-IP system (www.sevengems.us), Private Terminal web-secure desktops, and Violetbox network attached storage.

Press Contact:
Anna Zhakovich
1-212-537-4402 x121
DAG Tech

130 W 29th St Suite 608
New York NY

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