Thursday, January 10, 2013

MCC Small Business Recovery Grant Distribution: Fidi Cleaners, Lower Manhattan

MCC awarded a $500 grant to Matt Khatamov, owner of Fidi Cleaners located at 89 Washington Street in lower Manhattan. Matt’s business not only had no power, ho heat or water, all of the buildings around him which house his clients were closed and many told that they would not have power for 5 months. They made other arrangements and probably only 30% of the residential units around him are occupied despite the fact that generators were brought in and have been powering the building. A man living in Tribeca who works in the neighborhood came in and saw that Matt needed business and brought a lot of clothing down for Matt to clean. New Yorkers do help each other!
We thank Constant Contact’s SaveLocal, XES in Chelsea and Paypal for helping raise the funds.

Matt Khatamov accepts SB Recovery Fund check from MCC’s President Ploeger.

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