Tuesday, October 2, 2012

MCC Green Business Committee: October Meetings

We love to talk about sustainability at MCC! Please join us to meet your fellow chamber members in the sustainability field and discuss the following topics. 

MCC Green Committee Meetings

The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Green Business Committee is pleased to commence monthly Green Design & Construction sub-committee meetings. This meeting is for those in the sustainability, construction, architecture, interior design or related fields. This will be an introductory meeting. Please be prepared to introduce yourself and talk for 2-3 minutes about your business. Please also bring your ideas of what you’d like to see from this committee!

Please join us to discuss recent developments in the green finance sector.

This is a meeting for green energy professionals or those in a directly related field. Guest speaker: Saverio Grosso, ENERActive Solutions and Jessica Cooper, Urban Green Council.

MCC Co-Sponsored events:

The Sustainability Summit emphasis is on identifying innovative diverse small businesses and engaging industry leaders and stakeholders who support practical green initiatives and strategic partnering. Interested groups will be industry leaders, leaders in corporate America, government officials and multicultural businesses of all sizes. Discussions will also focus upon sharing successes and ideas as an incentive to create green partnerships in order to become and remain viable in the 21st century. What differentiates this Summit from others is its laser focus on exploring and resolving the sustainability concerns of both its purchasing membership and large multi-ethnic supplier base. Further, the Summit will showcase commercial sector match-making with green vendors. Numerous panel sessions are scheduled to feature prominent speakers in sustainability at varying levels that will directly address your operations and share their experiences. The Summit will also highlight stateside innovation of products and services from businesses that need access to clean tech funding through its Innovation Arena. The Summit will promote the next generation of sustainable practices and alternative energy technologies from certified businesses. More importantly, this Summit is an invitation and challenge to all enterprises for creating sustainable partnerships for supply chains and stimulating US economic growth. 

We thank Con Edison Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs for sponsoring the MCC Green Business Committee for 2012. We have an exciting year of programming coming up and thank the Green Team and Con Edison Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs for making this possible. For more information on how you can earn cash rebates and incentives for your buildings' energy efficiency upgrades and transforming your business space into a high-performance building, contact the Con Edison Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Program office at (877) 797-6347 or visit their website www.conEd.com/energysavings.

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