Friday, July 20, 2012

Leading Women Entrepreneurs from Around the World to Gather in Barcelona in October, 2012 for Sixth Annual International Women's Entrepreneurial Challenge

Picture taken at the 2011 IWEC Awardees Ceremony in NYC hosted by Asia Society 

Leading Women Entrepreneurs from Around the World to Gather in Barcelona in October, 2012 for Sixth Annual International Women's Entrepreneurial Challenge
Three women business owners from NYC area chosen as awardees and representatives of the US at the Conference

July 20, 2011 (NEW YORK) – Yesterday the NYC IWEC Steering Committee (under the umbrella of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce) announced three women business owners chosen from a pool of applicants who will represent the US at the IWEC Conference in Barcelona in October.

The 2012 NYC/US awardees are:
Maureen Borzacchiello, CEO, Creative Display Solutions, Inc.
Janice Hamilton, CEO, Carrot New York
Ann Kayman, CEO NY Grant Company

Twenty-six of the world’s most promising women entrepreneurs will be recognized at the sixth annual International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge (IWEC) awards conference, hosted by the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.  IWEC is an initiative of the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry Ladies Organization. The conference and awards ceremony bring together leading female entrepreneurs who are building thriving and growing ventures globally and honors those who have been chosen by their local chambers for their perseverance, growth and corporate social responsibility.

Often defying societal and cultural expectations, this talented group of women has transformed localized start-up companies into multi-million dollar organizations. These 26 CEOs, managing directors, presidents, founders and owners operate their businesses in a variety of regions and across industries ranging from management consulting to retail, organic health and beauty, technology, and hospitality, and others. And these are not small businesses. In 2010 and 2011 alone, IWEC has honored entrepreneurs whose businesses generate upwards of $3 billion in annual revenues and directly or indirectly employ more than 30,000 people.

As part of the conference, the IWEC honorees will be taking part in a four-day education and networking program held in various locations around Barcelona. They will be introduced to investors, potential commercial partners, trade officials, and more than 500 other entrepreneurs in an effort to expand their businesses and increase their exposure to global business contacts. This will be the second time that Barcelona has hosted an IWEC Awards Conference having launched the conference in 2007.  Other host chambers/cities have been New York,(20087 & 2011) New Delhi (2009) and Cape Town (2010).
The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce (MCC) is a membership organization comprised of a cross section of member businesses ranging from sole proprietors to large corporations and conglomerates. With 10,000 members and subscribers, we represent the voice of over 100,000 companies in Manhattan and partner with over 300 diverse business organizations in the city.  Our members are part of one of the largest constituencies in the country representing approximately 1.6 million US employees and approximately 4.5 million employees globally.  Locally, our member companies have over 165,000 employees.  And, collectively, our member companies account for over $630 billion dollars in annual revenues.

An evening event was hosted last evening by MetLife to introduce the awardees, co-sponsored by Qdoba and Optimyze.

About IWEC     

The mission of IWEC is to develop a global business network for successful women business owners, helping them gain and expand access to international markets.IWEC also presents a platform for the exchange of knowledge, experience and connectivity among women business owners worldwide setting the stage for new business opportunities and joint ventures, and promoting social dialog among women entrepreneurs and business leaders.


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