Friday, June 29, 2012

Guidance on Business Customer Bill of Rights Distribution & Customer Feedback Meeting

Update on NYC Regulatory Review Recommendation #3: Establish a Business Owner’s Bill of Rights


Local Law 18 requires the Mayor’s Office of Operations to develop and agencies to disseminate a Business Owner’s Bill of Rights (BoR) before, during, or after an inspection. Many agencies currently distribute the BoR in various inspections and interactions. Operations is developing a renewed distribution effort to increase business owner awareness of the Bill of Rights. There are 1,766 inspectors at 7 agencies that perform 1.7 million inspections a year.
Current Distribution Means by Agencies:

•Central website (
•Card handed out during some inspections (DOHMH, FDNY)
•Link available on agency websites (DCA, DEP, DOB, DOHMH, DOT, FDNY, NBAT, SBS)
•Posters placed in walk-in facilities (DCA, DEP, DOB, DOHMH, FDNY, SBS)
•Fliers handed out at walk-in facilities (DCA, DEP, DOHMH, SBS)
•Fliers handed out during events (DCA, DEP)
•Link added to Bureau of Food Safety Inspector Report which is handed to business owners after an inspection (DOHMH)
•Distributed to industry and trade organizations and BIDs (DCA, DEP)
•Included in agency publications (i.e. agency quarterly newsletters, social media) (DCA, DEP)
Enhanced Efforts (May 2012-present):

Completed Tasks:
•Translated Bill of Rights into Spanish
•Posted Bill of Rights in Spanish on
•Designed and printed new, easier to read signage for walk-in centers, and designed new bilingual palm cards (see page 2)
•Put system in place to regularly review customer survey comments and distribute comments to agencies

Next Steps:
•Provide agencies with new signage for service centers
•Print and distribute bilingual palm cards to agencies
•Develop a standard protocol for agencies outlining when and for which inspections the palm cards should be distributed
•Obtain business industry input on additional information regarding rights that would be helpful
•Obtain business industry input on other potential channels for distribution
•Promote customer survey more widely (see p. 3)
•Redesign DEP online inspection request system to include a pop-up window with the BoR
Newly designed poster and palm card
As a business owner, you have the right to:

1.Courteous and professional treatment by our employees
2.Inspectors who are polite, professionally dressed and properly identified
3.Information about how long inspections will take and the cost of all related fees
4.Knowledgeable inspectors who enforce agency rules uniformly
5.Receive information about agency rules from inspectors or other employees
6.Contest a violation through a hearing, trial or other relevant process
7.Request a review of inspection results or re-inspection as soon as possible
8.Receive explanation from inspectors(if requested) on violation details and instructions for viewing inspection results
9.Access information in languages other than English
10.Comment, anonymously and without fear or retribution, on the performance or conduct of our employees
Customer Feedback Survey:

 •Customers can provide general feedback on customer experience at

The link will be on the bottom of all posters and palm cards, and on

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