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MCC Sponsorship Opportunity: Transportation Transformation Global Summit, April 26, 2012

As you know, MCC’s Transportation Transformation Global Summit is coming up on April 26, 2012. The event will be held at New York Institute of Technology. We want to update you on this very special event. Please see our current list of speakers and companies involved. Please let me know if you are interested in sponsoring this event and taking part in this dynamic discussion of emerging technologies and the future of transportation! Sponsorship levels and benefits are attached. Please pass on to any clients/associates who may be interested.


The Future of Cities
-          Hon. David Miller, former mayor of Toronto and former head of the C40.
-          *Tom Glendening, E3Think

Smart Transport, Smart Cities
-          Ulrich Quay, BMW I-Ventures
-          Kelly Schwager, Chief Marketing Officer, Streetline (smart parking)
-          Peter Torrellas, Chief Scientific Advisor, Siemens

EVs – Where are You, Joe Schumpeter?
-          Rich Steinberg, BMW
-          Rebecca Hough, COO and co-founder of Plugless Power (leading wireless EV charging company, pilot with Google)
-          Dr Hikyu Lee, Chairman, OlevTechnology, Dynamic Induction Charging (pilot in McAllen TX)
-          Alex Mashinsky, CEO Governing Dynamics (smart transit systems)

Trucks, Taxis and Rickshaws, Fleets.
-          Ethan Garber, CEO IdleAir (fleet servicing)
-          Gregg Zuman, CEO Revolution Rickshaws (innovative transport fleet)
-          Rob Bergamini, CEO Action Carting (fleet)
-          Kevin Brooks, CEO Think Green (investment banking)
-          *Willem Houck, CEO ParkPod (Corded EV Charging)

If not Autos, Bikes?
-          Caroline Samporano, Director of Bicycle Advocacy, Transportation Alternatives
-          *Rob Weitzner, Partner, TransTrans

The Blue Network
-          Maria Aiolova, Partner Terreform One (on planet green, green channel)


Charlie Komanoff, Komanoff Energy Associates (congestion pricing)

Philip Kiracofe, MTB Ayati (bikes as economic engines in Haiti)

In keeping with our effort to promote transportation innovation, and based on similar efforts in previous TransTrans events, we are holding a micro-presentation competition.  Past participants include some of the best in NYC including http://www.roadify.com/, http://www.weeels.com/, http://www.cabcorner.com/, http://www.atlanticcup.org/, http://www.ezeebike.us/ and http://www.sobi.com/.

Event description:

Over the past year, the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, E3Think and ConEdison have hosted the highly successful Transportation Transformation series.  The first event was at Tesla Motors, the second, third and fourth at ConEdison.  All four sold out.  The fifth (and finale for the MCC) will be a Global Summit on cities and transportation innovation and due to popularity will be at a larger venue at NYIT

TransTrans participants have included Siemens, Tesla Motors, Plugless Power (in a pilot with Google), Bcycle/Trek, and Alta (winner of NYC’s bikeshare program), and many more.  TransTrans success is partly due to the fact that cities which are growing at break neck speed need transportation solutions.  The current global population of 7 billion people is expected to grow to over 9 billion by 2050, with 75% of all people living in cities.

The market numbers are stunning.  In 2011 nearly $1.5 trillion autos and light trucks were sold worldwide.  Add the growth of bikes as well as wealth of smart transportation systems and the transportation is even larger.  Most interesting is the fact that Cisco, IBM, Qualcomm and other hitherto non-transportation companies have entered the transportation space. 

The Global Summit will feature a keynote from a prominent transportation specialist, panel discussions addressing fleets, waterways, mass transit, bikes, electric vehicles, smart systems and cities as well as remarks from local politicians. Sponsor tables will be open throughout the day and during the evening cocktail reception. In addition to a capacity of 250 people, the event will be webcast to China and other key markets. Over 15,000 people will receive information on the summit. 

Take advantage of this high profile event.  Sponsors will be able to showcase their leadership in the transportation space and innovative technologies. Sponsors will also have the potential to be included as panelists in the event.

Please let me know if you’d like to participate in this special event!

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