Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Billion + Change

The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce along with the BCLC is delighted to be a supporting resource to the pledge companies of A Billion + Change. A Billion + Change is a national campaign to mobilize billions of dollars of pro bono and skills-based volunteer services from corporate America by 2013. Our goal is to have 500 companies from around the country take the Billion + Change pledge, using their unique skills and talents to serve the needs of nonprofits at home and around the world. Already more than 60 companies have taken the pledge, committing over $1 billion in pro bono services.

We wanted to give you an opportunity to join this growing pro bono movement and this campaign. As a pledge company, you would commit to create or expand a skills-based volunteer program by 2013. On February 27, we will celebrate the progress of A Billion + Change at an event at Morgan Stanley’s headquarters in New York City. We want you to be there as a new pledge partner.

In conjunction with International Corporate Philanthropy Day and CECP, this celebration will be a networking and a learning opportunity for pledge companies to meet industry, civic and nonprofit leaders and to learn about innovative, best-practice corporate volunteer programs. We will spotlight international corporate volunteer programs and how they are making a difference in communities around the world to solve pressing social, environmental and economic challenges. The morning celebration will be followed by an afternoon learning workshop, which will take an in-depth look at topics such as best-practice corporate volunteer models in disaster response and how to measure the impact of skills-based volunteer programs.

If you take the pledge by February 21st, we will recognize your company at this event, and in our media and event materials. Visit our website to learn more about how businesses are making a difference through pro bono work, and how you can take the pledge: I’ve also enclosed a one-page fact sheet, which includes the pledge, the invitation to our Feb. 27 celebration and a list of pledge companies, for your reference.

If you are interested in taking the pledge and attending the event, please contact Jennifer Lawson  at or at 202-729-8189.  We look forward to working with you on this great opportunity.

Jennifer (Denney) Lawson
Executive Director
A Billion + Change
(o) 202-729-8189
(c) 703-599-9873

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