Thursday, November 10, 2011

MCC Event at Google

MCC headed down to Chelsea this week to learn about how to use Google for small businesses. We learned about the importance of making the most of your online presence and how absolutely critical to business success. They covered small business topics ranging from Google AdWords, Places, Analytics and Apps.

Here is a list of the great speakers we heard:

1. This is the year of the small business - Savio Barretto, Product Marketing Manager, Small Business Marketing
2. Running your business online - Alex Abelin, Community Affairs Manager
3. Why you should care about Google Places and AdWords Express - Brynne Zuccaro, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Small Business Marketing
4. Grow your business with mobile - Nabil Haschemie, Product Marketing Manager
5. Simple ways to drive even more results - Tali Saar, Product Marketing Manager, Small Business Marketing
6. Digital Revolution - Jonathan Perelman

The speakers presented simple tools to a capacity crowd (125+ people!) that all businesses can use to market their products and reach their intended audience. After the event I updated MCC on Google places. I also use the analytic tools to view our stats on this Blog. Next up -- adding our info on Google+.

We'd love to hear from our readers if anyone attended and if you are using the tools above. Keep an eye out for more events at Google in the coming months!

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